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The Importance of Thinking Positive and Having Goals for People of Advanced Age

As we get older, it can sometimes be challenging to keep a positive attitude towards life’s hardships. Some people may even give up on setting positive goals and having a positive attitude. There are many benefits both physically and mentally to staying positive and setting goals for yourself, no matter if you are nine or ninety-nine. These FAQs about the power of positivity will prove that thinking positively and having goals at any age is worth it.

How Does Thinking Positively and Having Goals Help Your Life?

There is no point in doing something if you aren’t going to get results from it, especially at an advanced age. Setting positive goals and achieving them doesn’t only boost your ego; it holds mental and physical benefits. First of all, you will have achieved something; even if it is something as simple as making the bed, you will benefit from the feeling of accomplishment. That feeling of accomplishment often inspires you to get more done, creating a chain reaction of positive improvements in your life, which will lead to other benefits.

Are You Ever Too Old to Have Goals?

One can never be too old to have goals because goals come in all shapes and sizes. A person of advanced age may not have a goal to get back to their high school weight or buy a house, but they can certainly have health goals they want to achieve. There are many goals, both short and long term, that an older person can achieve that will not only improve their lives but the lives of their loved ones.

What Kind of Goals Can Seniors Living in a Community Make?

The goals of people living in a senior community will look different than a younger person, but they are just as important. They will still cover all aspects of life like health, community, and creating a legacy. For example, some people may set goals to get 30 minutes of movement a day to stay mobile, while others may make it a point to contact their loved ones more. Others may find mental acuity is their primary goal and want to finish a crossword puzzle a day or engage friends in a political debate over coffee. Goals don’t need to be about personal improvement either; they could be about passing something on to the next generation, like writing a book for the family or the world to enjoy.

Have Older People Achieved Things Late in Life?

When people reach the later stages in life, they have already accomplished so much, from careers to family, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to do a little more. Leo Plass, for example, was 99 years old when he earned his college degree. Then there is Harriette Thompson, who completed her 15th marathon at 91, and Wang Deshun, who walked a fashion catwalk at 80. These stories may be out of the ordinary, but it proves that older adults still have a lot of life in them and can accomplish great things, even if the definition of great for them is walking a mile a day.

How Can Facilities Help Promote Positive Thinking?

Promoting positive thinking can be difficult, especially in trying times. It can be challenging if a loved one lives in a care facility where they aren’t as close to their family as they would like to be, but there are many amazing ways these facilities can promote positivity.

Encourage and Facilitate Technology

Technology is a beautiful thing, especially when it comes to being connected. Encourage residents’ use of technology and help them when necessary to stay connected to their loved ones.

Start a Book Club

A book club fosters community, and focusing on books about positivity will promote the power of positive thinking within that community.

Encourage Usefulness

Many older adults can feel down because they don’t think they have much to offer. Counter that feeling by giving them projects that they can do to give them a feeling of usefulness and accomplishment.

Connect Them With Younger Generations

Sometimes, all you need is a friend to make a world of difference in your attitude. So many seniors have incredible life stories, but they don’t have anyone to tell them. Connecting seniors with a younger generation like an elementary school class or a high school volunteer give them a chance to tell their story and remember how much they have accomplished already in life.

What are Apps That Seniors Can Use to Help Them Stay Positive?

Technology has opened up new doors for everyone, and seniors are no exception. Most seniors have easily adopted smartphones, and they can be a positive tool in many ways. One such way are apps designed specifically to boost positivity.

Live Happy

This app is research-backed and focuses on activities that bring about more positive feelings.

Think Up

Think Up focuses on incorporating positive affirmations into your life in a subtle way.


Happify has games and activities aimed at improving happiness and optimism. The activities will also help promote healthy brain function, which is essential for our seniors.


There are all kinds of messenger apps that allow seniors to stay connected with the people they love, no matter where they are in the world.

How Does Your Mindset Affect Your Health?

It is medically proven that your mental state affects your physical state, which is vital at any age but especially important for older generations whose body isn’t what it once was. The Mayo Clinic has identified the following physical health benefits of a positive mindset:

  • Increased life span
  • Lower rates of depression
  • Lower levels of distress
  • Greater resistance to the common cold
  • Better cardiovascular health and reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease
  • Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress

Stay Positive at Any Age

It’s not always easy to stay positive in a fast-paced and crazy world. As things change, it can feel like the world is leaving behind people of an advanced age, which can be scary and depressing. It is essential for their well-being to feel useful and have goals that they can still accomplish. With a bit of help from family and caretakers in facilities, the seniors you love can set and reach attainable goals that will increase their positive outlook and, in turn, their longevity. If you have any questions about how we help our residents achieve attainable goals or have an idea for a loved one in our facility, please reach out, so we can support you and your loved one.